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About "Marugoto Fukuoka, Hakata"

This site offers you an introduction to the charm of Fukuoka, showing through [OR showing with the aid of] photos its streetscape and nature, history, tradition and food culture. You are welcome to download the images featured here for free as long as the use of photos will contribute to increasing the awareness and the image of Fukuoka such as for guide books, magazines and websites introducing Fukuoka. Please refrain from using the images and text in any way that is harmful to the image of Fukuoka.The information on this site is correct as of the shooting at the time, and we can not guarantee its accuracy and usefulness with certainty thereafter. In particular, in the case of information about individual establishments, we recommend confirming with each establishment their business details before your use. Regarding the use of photos, please see the following "notes about the use of photos."

Precautions on Image Usage

Precautions on Image Usage

Image files many be downloaded for free; however, Fukuoka City reserves their copyrights, except for those images whose copyrights belong to their donors. Kindly observe the following when using the images:

  • Their use must be limited to the purpose of improving the image of Fukuoka City.
  • They may not be used in publications that violate public order and standards of decency or are otherwise considered illegal.
  • The use of this site for works that are liable to significantly promote the political or religious activity of certain groups or individuals is prohibited.
  • Images may not be commercialized (e.g. photo collections, printed T-shirts, postcards)
  • When used, the images must be accompanied by the note, "Photograph(s) provided by Fukuoka City."
  • If the name of the photographer, etc. is contained within an image, such writing shall not be hidden.
EnglishPhotograph(s) provided by Fukuoka City.